“Do you want to be the big spoon?”

Did you know Spoonbills are in the same family as Ibises? Neither did I until I looked them up to write this blurb. Check us out! Learning together.

I also found out that when I chose this VERY pink colour scheme I was likely using a Roseate Spoonbill as my reference photo — a sub-species found in South and North America — as opposed to the Yellow-billed and Black-billed variations that are here in Australia.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and pull this work out of my “Aussie Birds” folder.

“Felt cute, might scream later”

Listen, if you know, you know. Curlew’s sound like the souls of the damned being dragged butt-first through the gates of hell. Which is hilarious to me because they look like the sort of bird that would startle at their own reflection. Which they do. I’ve seen it.

A photo of a Curlew with a feather in its beak by photographer David Clode
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Breathe, buddy.

Anyway, here’s a curlew illustration for you to identify with on those days your manager is being a particular flavour of asshole.

“Felt cute, might run in front of traffic later”

Emus. The only animal species to have won a war against humans (no, seriously) while somehow maintaining the intelligence of a walnut when it comes to concepts surrounding not veering into Australian traffic.

Many a traumatised motorist has dealt with these feathered chaos machines – dashing beside your car at almost 50km per hour before suddenly deciding the grass is greener on the other side of the road.

This illustration of mine is an ode to the Australian Emu. Probably not our stupidest bird, but by golly do they go hard for the title.